Tattoo Removal Course
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Tattoo Removal Training

Learn to professionally remove tattoo pigment from the skin using the safest tattoo removal system.


Tattoo Removal Discounted Training course teaches the techniques to professionally and safely remove any colour pigment from a body art tattoo and semi permanent makeup procedure and includes a mixture of theory and practice on synthetic skins and live models.

Training is by Candice Watson, who has over 35 years of experience in the world of micropigmentation. Please use the floating orange widget at the bottom right to contact us.

Our tattoo removal system is safer and more effective than Laser Tattoo Removal and works on any colour tattoo pigment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Vs Our Removals System

Laser Tattoo Removal


Everyone has heard of laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is cheap (approx £80 per session), but, in many cases, many treatment sessions are required to achieve acceptable results.

Limited colours

Laser tattoo removal struggles to remove red and green coloured pigments, and white and light-coloured pigments can often turn black.

Safety risk

Also, laser tattoo removal can blast tattoo pigment deeper into the skin rather than removing it. This can increase the risk of scarring and serious complications if the tattoo pigment is pushed deeper into the skin and bloodstream.

Our Tattoo Removals System

Safer results

The tattoo removal system we teach is the best way to remove tattoo pigment from the skin.

Our pigment removal system uses a natural and gentler method to remove a tattoo or poorly performed semi-permanent makeup procedure. a specially formulated removals cream is inserted into the tattoo surface that attaches itself to the pigment particles. Then the body’s natural defence mechanism expels the pigment and cream mixture from the skin over weeks.

Effective removal of all pigment colours

Unlike laser tattoo removal, the removals system we teach is effective on all tattoo pigment colours.

Overall cost saving

Far fewer removal sessions are required to completely remove the tattoo pigment. Our removal sessions are more expensive, but results are evident after 1 or 2 sessions.

Course Details

What you will learn

Tattoo Removal Discounted Training teaches how to professionally assess each client’s requirements and remove tattoo pigment from the skin on the body and face.

Who trains you

Training is with Candice Watson, who has over 35 years of experience training and performing micropigmentation in the UK, Dubai and the Middle East. Candice is one of the best and most respected micropigmentation specialists and currently performs treatments and training courses in Dubai and the UK.

Course schedule

Tattoo Removal Discounted Training is a 1-day course that will teach you how to remove and lighten pigment from the skin.

Course location

This tattoo and pigment removal training course is available at our UK Training facility in Claverton, Bath, BA2 7BP.

Cost to train

This course costs half our usually priced tattoo removal training course. Our offer price includes training with Candice Watson and all products to train.

Is this course for you?

This course is available to anyone wishing to add tattoo removal to their range of services or as a new business. Our tattoo removal training course is very popular, and we see students with backgrounds in semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation and complete beginners with no previous experience.

Accredited certificate

You will receive an accredited certificate for completing this course, recognised worldwide.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit is required to secure a place on this course.

PayPal Credit

You can now use PayPal Credit to pay for our training courses. Please get in touch with us for more information about how to pay for our courses.

Learn From The Industry Expert

With Over 35 Years Of Experience

candice watson micropigmentation expert with 35+ years of experience

Candice Watson is a respected tutor with over 35 years of experience

Candice started her micropigmentation career in 1984 and, in 1998, received her micropigmentation teacher training award after being personally tutored by Dawn Cragg, MBE, at London’s prestigious Harley Street.

In 2009 Candice started a business in Dubai, offering micropigmentation treatments and training to clients in Dubai and the broader Middle East.

After over ten years in the Middle East, Candice is proud to offer her internationally recognised micropigmentation training courses and treatments from our new UK facility in Claverton, Bath.

Private Training

Private training can be 1 to 1 or in group classes. We supply one trainer for every four students to adhere to Harley Street training standards and ensure the best possible training experience.

Private training is a great cost-saving and is tailored to accommodate varying schedules.

CPD Hours

Available to practising professionals. We provide ongoing CPD hours to align you with UK training requirements.

Other Courses

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Candice is a great teacher, and I found learning a new skill with Candice straightforward.

– Nicola, London

I have attended two courses so far with Candice, and both were taught to a very high standard.

– Sarah, Bristol


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