Eyebrow Tattoo Training Course

Advanced Brow Techniques Masterclass

Eyebrow Tattoo Training Course To The Highest Industry Standards

Our Eyebrow Tattoo Training Course teaches how to apply pigment professionally and safely to the eyebrows using various techniques to achieve popular eyebrow tattoo looks.

This eyebrow tattoo training course is designed for those wishing to learn all brow techniques, including Hairstrokes, Powder Brows, Ombré, and Combination Brows.

This advanced masterclass is available from industry expert Candice Watson, who has over 35 years of experience performing micropigmentation treatments and delivering world-class training courses.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training Course teaches how to apply pigment professionally and safely to the eyebrows using various popular techniques.

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

Eyebrow Tattoo and Semi Permanent Makeup use the process of micropigmentation to insert coloured pigments into the skin. Specially formulated semi permanent pigment is applied to the brows to define and perfect the natural brow line, achieving various looks from natural to defined.

What You Will Learn

This eyebrow tattoo training course teaches the full theory for eyebrow tattoo, including colour and needle choice. This course combines theory, demonstrations and practical work on synthetic skins and live models.

Learning Topics

  • Theory
  • Colour
  • Skin undertones
  • Marketing
  • Managing a client’s needs and expectations
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Hands-on practice on synthetic skins for all brow techniques
  • Hands-on live models

Class Size

Our training courses are kept to small sizes to maximise learning.

Course Schedule

For beginners, this course is a two-day training course (1-day theory and 1-day hands-on practice and techniques).

For professionals with a micropigmentation qualification, we offer a one-day training course teaching hands-on techniques.


A Certificate of Attendance is issued to students once the course is completed.


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Is This Course For You?

This course is for anyone wishing to offer their clientele eyebrow tattoo (semi permanent makeup eyebrows).

Exclusive Aesthetic: Industry Knowledge

How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Tattoo Training Course

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, eyebrow tattooing has emerged as a sought-after skill, allowing individuals to enhance their natural features and embark on a rewarding career path. However, selecting the right one can be daunting, with numerous eyebrow tattoo training courses available. At Exclusive Aesthetic, we understand the importance of choosing a reputable and comprehensive training program that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this field. Here’s a detailed guide on choosing the best eyebrow tattoo training course.

Research and Compare Course Curriculum

Before committing to a training course, it’s essential to thoroughly research and compare the curriculum offered by different providers. Look for courses that cover a wide range of topics, including eyebrow shaping, colour theory, sterilization techniques, skin anatomy, client consultation, and aftercare. A comprehensive curriculum ensures that you receive well-rounded training that prepares you for real-world scenarios.

Accreditation and Certification

When selecting an eyebrow tattoo training course, prioritise course providers that are accredited by reputable organizations within the beauty industry. Accreditation ensures that the course meets high standards of quality and adheres to best practices. Additionally, inquire about certification options upon course completion, as obtaining a recognised certification can enhance your credibility and marketability as a professional eyebrow tattoo artist.

Experienced Instructors

The expertise and experience of instructors play a pivotal role in the quality of education you receive. Seek out training courses led by experienced and qualified instructors who have a proven track record in the field of eyebrow tattooing. Look for instructors who are licensed practitioners themselves and demonstrate a passion for teaching and mentoring aspiring artists.

Hands-On Training Opportunities

Theory is essential, but practical experience is equally crucial when learning the art of eyebrow tattooing. Opt for training courses that offer hands-on training opportunities, allowing you to practice techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors. Practical training sessions enable you to develop confidence and proficiency in eyebrow tattooing, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to serve clients professionally.

Student Support and Resources

A supportive learning environment can significantly enhance your educational experience. Choose eyebrow tattoo training courses that offer adequate student support and resources, such as access to online materials, mentorship programs, and ongoing education opportunities. Additionally, consider the availability of post-training support, such as assistance with job placement or business startup guidance.

Reviews and Testimonials

Before enrolling in a training course, take the time to read reviews and testimonials from past students. Feedback from real individuals who have completed the course can provide valuable insights into the quality of education, instructor effectiveness, and overall satisfaction. Look for courses with positive reviews and a proven track record of success.

Cost and Affordability

While cost shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, it’s essential to consider the financial investment required for eyebrow tattoo training. Compare the cost of different courses against the value provided, taking into account factors such as curriculum, instructor credentials, and additional benefits. Remember that investing in quality education is an investment in your future success as a professional artist.


Choosing the best eyebrow tattoo training course is crucial to launching a successful career in the beauty industry. By researching and comparing course curricula, prioritising accreditation and certification, selecting experienced instructors, seeking hands-on training opportunities, utilising student support and resources, considering reviews and testimonials, and evaluating cost and affordability, you can make an informed decision that sets you up for success.

The Benefits of Eyebrow Tattooing And How To Choose A Specialist

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Tattooing: Unlocking the Benefits and Choosing the Right Specialist

In today’s beauty landscape, eyebrow tattooing has emerged as a revolutionary solution for those seeking perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows. Gone are the days of spending hours meticulously filling in sparse brows with pencils or powders. Eyebrow tattooing offers a semi-permanent solution that saves time and enhances facial features, providing a natural and long-lasting look.

Understanding the Benefits of Eyebrow Tattooing

1. Time Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of eyebrow tattooing is its time-saving nature. Individuals no longer need to spend valuable time shaping and filling in their eyebrows every morning. With tattooed eyebrows, the desired shape and fullness are maintained 24/7, allowing for an effortless beauty routine and more time for other activities.

2. Enhanced Appearance

Eyebrows play a crucial role in framing the face and accentuating its features. Eyebrow tattooing can help individuals achieve symmetry and balance, correcting asymmetrical or sparse eyebrows. By carefully selecting the right colour and shape, a skilled tattoo artist can enhance the overall appearance, resulting in a more youthful and polished look.

3. Long-lasting Results

Unlike traditional makeup products that may smudge or fade throughout the day, eyebrow tattoos offer long-lasting results. With proper care and maintenance, tattooed eyebrows can retain their shape and colour for months, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups.

4. Confidence Boost

For many individuals, eyebrow tattooing goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about boosting confidence and self-esteem. Whether dealing with hair loss conditions like alopecia or simply desiring a more defined brow shape, the transformative power of eyebrow tattoos can provide a significant confidence boost, empowering individuals to feel their best.

Choosing the Right Eyebrow Tattoo Specialist

Selecting the right specialist for eyebrow tattooing is crucial to achieving desirable results and ensuring a safe procedure. Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing a specialist:

1. Qualifications and Experience

Look for a specialist who is highly trained and experienced in eyebrow tattooing. Verify their qualifications and certifications to ensure they have undergone proper training in cosmetic tattoo procedures. Additionally, inquire about their experience level and ask to see before-and-after photos of their previous work.

2. Reputation and Reviews

Research the specialist’s reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from past clients. A reputable eyebrow tattoo specialist will have positive feedback and satisfied customers who can attest to their skill and professionalism. Avoid specialists with a history of negative reviews or complaints.

3. Hygiene and Safety Practices

Ensure that the specialist follows strict hygiene and safety protocols to minimize the risk of infection or adverse reactions. They should use sterile equipment and disposable needles and adhere to industry standards for cleanliness. Don’t hesitate to ask about their sterilization procedures and safety measures.

4. Consultation Process

Schedule a consultation with the specialist before committing to the procedure. During the consultation, discuss your desired eyebrow shape, colour preferences, and any concerns or questions you may have. A reputable specialist will take the time to listen to your needs and provide personalized recommendations based on your facial features and skin tone.

5. Portfolio and Portfolio

Review the specialist’s portfolio to assess the quality of their work and determine if their aesthetic aligns with your preferences. Pay attention to the consistency of their technique, the precision of their strokes, and the overall appearance of the tattooed eyebrows. A diverse portfolio showcasing various eyebrow shapes and styles indicates a skilled and versatile specialist.


Eyebrow tattooing offers many benefits, from time efficiency and enhanced appearance to long-lasting results and a confidence boost. By choosing the right specialist, individuals can achieve beautifully tattooed eyebrows that complement their features and elevate their overall look. Prioritize qualifications, experience, reputation, safety practices, and consultation process when selecting a specialist to ensure a successful and satisfying eyebrow tattooing experience.

Eyebrow Tattoo Training Course


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